Top VCE exec: We’re staying tight with Cisco

There was an interesting exchange between IDG Chief Content Officer John Gallant and VCE President Chad Sakac in an interview Network World published today. In it, Gallant asked Sakac about the company’s converged infrastructure partnership with Cisco in light of VCE presumably soon becoming part of the merged Dell/EMC. After all, Cisco (the “C” in VCE) sold off its stake in the venture some time ago and will likely find itself competing more directly with EMC once it combines with Dell.

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 The question: What if at some point Cisco changes direction?”

Is there a risk of that? The short answer is no, period, end of sentence. Let me explain,” Sakac said. “The first thing that’s important to understand is actually rooted in this idea of what are certified systems or reference architectures relative to a converged system? In a converged system, the entirety of the system is bought, assembled, designed, supported and lifecycled through a single entity. A reference architecture is where different componentry is brought together and assembled through distributors or resellers and then delivered as a combined set of parts to the customer. The real litmus test is what happens six months from now when there needs to be an update? Who will you turn to? In a converged system the answer would be VCE. In referenced architecture it would be Cisco, NetApp and whomever.”