Terrible computer pranks that could get you fired

Think about your workflow, and how automatically you pop up new browser windows whenever you need to know something new, or want to check on the Bruins game, or, really, do anything at all. Just think about how surprised you’d be if, instead of the predictable appearance of the Chrome window, everything you were working on vanished and the computer reset itself. Pretty surprised, is my guess. (H/T: PC Advisor: http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/feature/desktop-pc/best-pc-tricks-pranks-3446592/)

CRUELTY RATING: 5/10. The victim could lose stuff they were working on, although I guess that’s less of a problem in the cloud era. Also, I picture myself being VERY surprised, if this was done to me.

FIRED?: Certainly runs the risk if valuable data is lost.

Source: Network World