Riverbed looks to redefine networking in a cloud-first world

The technology industry has gone through several waves of innovation since the birth of computing. The industry kicked off with mainframes, which eventually gave way to client/server, which eventually evolved into branch office computing. Today, we are in the midst of the transition to a cloud-first world.

Each of these waves brought with it new networking tools and technologies. The devices that we used to build local LANs were not the same ones we used to build WANs.

This trend of requiring new tools is also true for the transition to the cloud. Organizations are rapidly shifting to Wi-Fi to enable mobile devices to connect to cloud services and embracing software-defined WANs (SD-WAN) to give the network the necessary levels of agility required to meet the demands of a cloud-first world. Unfortunately, most of these technologies have been built independent of one another, making management of the end-to-end network in a cloud-centric business very difficult.

Today, Riverbed launched a solution called SteelConnect. It unifies network connectivity and orchestration of application delivery across the end-to-end network, which includes remote LANs, hybrid WANs and cloud networks. Riverbed designed SteelConnect to meet the unique needs of the cloud. This includes the following capabilities: