Ocean-Cooled Data Center and Desalination Colocation

Crises tend to inspire ideas for creative, unexpected solutions. One such crisis has been brewing in California’s Monterey County, which is experiencing water shortages because of the severe drought plaguing the state, and where a group of entrepreneurs and local officials came up with an idea to build a massive water desalination plant to address the crisis.

There is obviously nothing new about a desalination plant. What is unique about the project is that it will take some serious data center capacity to make it work financially. Learn more about the project at Data Center World in New Orleans, Louisiana, this September:

Presented by: Gary Cudmore, Global Director of Data Centers, Black & Veatch

This Data Center World session (Tuesday, Sept. 13, 11:45-12:45) will provide updates to the DeepWater Desal project, including the recent Environmental Impact Report (EIR) submittal. Register for Data Center World today!

More background on the project here: Desalination Plant and Data Center: Not as Odd a Couple as May Seem

Source: Data Center Knowledge