NASA’s hot Juno Juniper mission

When it comes to ensuring that the Juno spacecraft can survive its mission, NASA is surrounded the spacecraft’s electronic innards with titanium to ward off radiation. Juno’s  so-called radiation vault weighs about 200 kilograms (500 pounds), has walls that measure about a square meter (nearly 9 square feet) in area, are about 1 centimeter (a third of an inch) in thickness, and weigh 18 kilograms (40 pounds). About the size of an SUV’s trunk – the vault encloses Juno’s command and data handling box, power and data distribution unit and about 20 other electronic assemblies, according to NASA. During the 15 months Juno orbits Jupiter, the spacecraft will have to withstand the equivalent of more than 100 million dental X-rays, NASA said. Without its protective shield, or radiation vault, Juno’s brain would get fried on the very first pass near Jupiter, NASA said.

Source: Network World