IDG Contributor Network: New Gartner Magic Quadrant shakes up the file sharing world

A common remark from me is frustration about the huge number of companies competing in the enterprise file sharing and synchronization (EFSS) space. Honestly, the number of companies that send pitches to me on a weekly basis claiming to be highly differentiated from all the others is frustrating.

It must be all the more frustrating for enterprise organizations that need to chose an EFSS vendor. With so many in the market, it is a confusing and bewildering decision to make, which is, after all, why analyst firms exist. While Gartner, Forrester, IDC and their ilk receive much criticism around suggestions that they are both behind the times and commercially conflicted, the fact is they bring a degree of robustness to technology assessments.

Given this fact, it was interesting to see Gartner publish a new Magic Quadrant (Gartner’s particular tool on vendor assessments) for the EFSS market. And an interesting report it is, with a number of vendors dropped from the leaders’ category and even more dropped from the quadrant overall.

The winners from this report would seem to be Box, Dropbox, Egnyte and Citrix Sharefile—all of which are (arguably) some of the earliest leaders in the space. Most satisfying for me is the fact that nowhere to be found are so many of those vendors that have been bombarding me with pitches suggesting their solution is the only one that keeps enterprise data safe. It seems FUD may work for a quick PR pitch, but it doesn’t work for longer-term credibility.