Dropbox aims for enterprise with new team and IT admin features

Continuing its effort to better appeal to enterprise users, Dropbox Wednesday announced new features aimed at making its cloud-based storage and collaboration platform easier for teams of workers to use and IT administrators to centrally control.

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Dropbox was one of the pioneers of the cloud computing market, beginning in 2007 as a consumer-oriented storage service with a simple user interface and automatic synchronization across devices. In 2013 the company launched Dropbox Business, it’s foray into the business market. Two years later Dropbox introduced its Enterprise edition. In the past few years Dropbox has hired an entire enterprise sales team and has devoted a portion of its engineering team to build products specifically for the enterprise market. The fruits of that work were announced today.

New tools make it easier for groups of users – dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of them – to use the platform for sharing documents, accessing information and collaborating with others. Another key to these advancements is giving IT administrators a new console for centrally managing these enterprise-wide deployments of Dropbox. New features include: